Anonymous さんのコメント…
Anonymous さんのコメント…
hi !!
We’d like to know if you like the game or not, because we don’t understand :(
Can you give us contacts from publishers in your country which may be interested by releasing a boxed version of Victi (the game would be obviously translated).
Thank you and do not hesitate to contact us for some information.
Norikori さんの投稿…
Thank you for your comment !
My first impression of "Victi" is "This game is not good but not bad".
I like Victi's graphic, storyline and mood. but Screen Angle(Camera Angle) is bad.
Because of angle, Attractive Character is always displayed very small.
So, I can't see character's detail and I can't go into Game.

I felt this is very wasteful.
If Screen Angle is improved to dynamic, I think this game will become much much better.

...But these are my first impression after playing only several hours.
My impression will be changed.

By the way, I worked PC game publisher "Micromouse" but already this company is closed.
You may know, Japanese PC market is very small and getting smaller every year.
(I think console game machines, especially "Playstation2" and "NintendoDS" are too strong in japan.)
and Adventure game is not popular in japan. "Syberia(Japanese Edition)" was sold in japan but not sold well.

So, I think you sould make Japanese information page and keep on download publishing.
I think this is the best solution for you.

When I complete Victi, I will write full review.
Thank you.